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Bolt to nurture startups that want to build the things for the internet of things

Bolt, the Boston accelerator that wants to help fledgling companiesbuild the “things” for of the internet of things, is kicking off its inaugural class of seven startups on Monday.

Here are the first seven startups as described by Bolt founder Ben Epstein in a blog post:

  • Subsidence  which generates real-time, localized, atmospheric data, powered by dense grids of weather stations
  • Petnet creates a line of intelligent pet products and uses the data they capture to digitally connect pets, owners, and caregivers.
  • Behavioral Technologies builds wearable technology that seeks to influence habits, rather than just measure movement
  • Loci Controls helps landfills optimize methane collection and energy generation
  • Padloc designs and manufactures innovative tablet hardware and technology solutions for national retailers, hotels and banks
  • BETH creates custom-fit prosthetic and orthotic devices without custom fabrication
  • BlabDroid builds social robots paired with dynamic content

As we reported more than a year ago, Bolt’s mission is to lower the barriers to entry to designing and making hardware. Such barriers are higher than those in the software world because these companies need actual physical equipment — drill presses and other machinery as well as materials to build their goods.

Einstein, pictured above  with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (on right), previously founded Brainstream Design, a product design company in Northhampton, Mass.

Subsidence Founders Alex Kubicek (L) and Bruan Dow
Subsidence Founders Alex Kubicek (L) and Bruan Dow