Tim Pool on how Google Glass can be pretty useful for reporting from a war zone


Most of the uses imagined for Google Glass so far are pretty geeky, but video journalist Tim Pool has a different perspective, based on using the device while reporting on protests in Istanbul for Vice magazine. “When there’s a wall of police firing plastic bullets at you, and you’re running through a wall of tear-gas, having your hands free to cover your face, while saying ‘OK Glass, record a video’, makes that recording process a lot easier,” he says.


Liquid Newsroom

Needs an Internet connection though. From tests in Madrid during Moviemento M15 I got to know that it’s not possible unless you have satellite access. Crowded places means you won’t have the infrastructure for bandwidth intense applications (video). Even photo is a problem. The mobile cell system is the bottleneck. In today’s world where everyone is sharing everything you can imagine how many might take a photo not to speak about video recordings. No chance to get that delivered.

– Steffen Konrath, Liquid Newsroom

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