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Podcast: Will the Tile tag bring an end to losing stuff?

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Last week Tile, a connected tag that you can affix to purses computers, bikes etc. and then track them has scored $2.6 million via a homegrown crowdfunding campaign. The technology inside Tile, and the way it takes advantage of peer-to-peer sourcing of tracking data for items makes it potentially disruptive as we discuss in this week’s podcast with Mike Farley, the COO of Tile.

Tile COO Mike Farley
Tile COO Mike Farley
Tile lets people track their own lost items using the Tile and a smartphone app, but it gets really interesting when an item is marked as lost. Then phones of the other people running the Tile app can see the item and tell it where it is. Your phone then gets the equivalent of a last seen at, notification. With enough users, that’s a pretty compelling value proposition because you could theoretically find out where your stuff is at any time. Then Tile becomes a poor man’s GPS.

We discuss that and why Tile used an open source crowdfunding campaign builder known as Selfstarter. It was used by the folks at connected lock maker Lockitron as well. Farley discusses the pros and cons of avoiding Kickstarter or Indiegogo and why other hardware companies might embrace the Selfstarter model. Check it out.

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Show notes:
Host: Stacey Higginbotham
Guest: Mike Farley, COO of Tile

  • Introducing Tile, a lost and found using the internet of things
  • Tile can help you find stolen goods, but could it replace GPS?
  • Words of wisdom on choosing an alternative crowdfunding platform


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2 Responses to “Podcast: Will the Tile tag bring an end to losing stuff?”


      That’s the tracking as a service cost of $18.95. You send them back and get a new one for $18.95 or whatever the new subscription rate is for that new year. I can only assume as they get better at it the price will come down and other competing services come up. I guess it depends on how much traction they get in their first year.

      I’m game to try it.