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Amazon will publish interview with Obama as a free Kindle Single tomorrow

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President Obama is giving a jobs speech from Amazon’s Chattanooga, Tenn. warehouse Tuesday (despite a lot of consternation from independent booksellers) and Amazon has found a convenient additional benefit of the visit.

Kindle Singles editor David Blum will interview Obama while he’s there, and Amazon will release the interview Wednesday as a Kindle Single, USA Today reports. Amazon confirmed to me that the Kindle Single will be free.

The Obama interview is the second entry in a new series of Kindle Singles long-form interviews that Amazon launched last week. The first one was with the president of Israel, and Amazon sold it for $0.99. I’m curious to see the kinds of questions that Blum asks: I’d personally love to know whether the Obamas are Amazon Prime members.

2 Responses to “Amazon will publish interview with Obama as a free Kindle Single tomorrow”

  1. David Thomas

    I guess I’m not convinced that ‘free’ mitigates the exclusive distribution of content technically ‘owned’ by all Americans on a single proprietary format. Sure, it can be hacked, but the speech should be in all formats or at the very least a PDF alternative. The result of this is an implicit endorsement of one format over all other competitors by the US President. That is not something the President should be doing, and the ‘optics’ look pretty bad coming on the heels of the DOJ case against Apple.

  2. Steven Bostic

    Obama is not the President…as much as the “talker in chief”…
    He talks and talks…and talks some more. An interview with Obama is hardly a scoop. Next week he will give his NFL picks and the week after he will give his college Top 10…followed by….
    An interview with Obama lost its cache a long time ago…at least for the sane and rational among us.