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Here are the 7 companies Microsoft doesn’t want its ex-Windows chief to join

Since Steven Sinofsky and Microsoft (s msft) shocked the PC world by┬ádivorcing last year, some details of Sinofsky’s severance have already surfaced. But now we know, thanks to Microsoft’s 10-K filing, just which companies has are off limits to Sinofsky until December 31, 2013, a year from his termination date.

By virtue of Sinofsky’s retirement agreement, he “cannot accept direct or indirect employment” with Amazon(s amzn), Apple (s appl), EMC(s emc), Google(s goog), Facebook(s fb), Oracle (s orcl) or VMware (s vmw). None of these names are exactly shockers. Microsoft is taking on Apple in tablets and cloud storage; Amazon in cloud generally, Google in apps and public cloud, VMware in hybrid enterprise-class cloud etc. But, it’s helpful to see which rivals are top of mind of Microsoft’s brain trust.

It was previously disclosed in other SEC filings that Sinofsky, a 23-year Microsoft veteran who drove Office development before moving over to Windows, got more than $8.5 million from Microsoft including a base salary of $658,333 in salary, a $1.5 million bonus and nearly $6.4 million in stock, according to NeoWin.

Another nugget from the 10K: Microsoft logged $853 million in revenue from its Surface tablet, from its October launch till June 30, the end of Microsoft’s fiscal year. Geekwire says that figure suggests the company sold about 1.7 million units (based on the original $500 unit price.)

That would put Surface sales at less than 5 percent of Windows Division’s $19.2 bill revenue for the year. Last month, Microsoft took a $900 million charge against Surface RT sales for the fiscal year.

This story was updated 3:10 p.m. July 30 with details on Surface revenue

7 Responses to “Here are the 7 companies Microsoft doesn’t want its ex-Windows chief to join”

  1. qowqopw

    Thank you, Microsoft for letting us to know better. However, we know that so called chief executives are mostly friends/ family members and do not have IQ more than desk engineers leading to the current mess in Redmond.

  2. I ran into Mr. Sinofsky on a flight from Seattle recently. Well, my children did. We were boarding the plane, stuck in the line headed toward cattle class, and he started entertaining my kids with goofy faces and a big smile. Totally relaxed and genuine – he seemed like the nicest guy around.

    Hope he has fun wherever he winds up.

    • Sinofsky was known as a “j**k” inside MSFT. He, according to my source, liked to terminate other people’s work when he deemed it a threat to his project or simply hurt his schedule.

      It’s actually OK being a j**k as long as you have the right vision. Sinofsky didn’t seem to have much vision, which in itself was OK. Problem was he thought he had one and tried to enforce it. You guys saw how that “no-start-button” fiasco turned out, right? That’s just one example. Lots of the current Windows 8 problems could have been avoided had these higher level managers been willing to listen.