Sellbox lets users sell content directly from Dropbox or Google Drive


Businesses are fast getting on board with the cloud to save on infrastructure spending, while many consumers already save their documents on cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive to they can access them anywhere.

Now, one company is offering a way for people to sell things from the  cloud. Sellbox lets allows users take digital files in their Dropbox or Google Drive accounts and turn them into sellable products. A vendor — whether it’s an artist, or a musician or an app developer — selects a file from a registered cloud account, names a price, and gets a short link to market to fans on Facebook or Twitter.

This video shows how it works:

Sellbox is aimed at people that make media, whether it’s a single on SoundCloud or a DeviantArt desktop picture. The implementation is fairly simple. Users register the same log-ins for both Dropbox and Google Drive. There isn’t a landing page for users — each item relies on its unique link to be shared on Twitter or Facebook, rather than potential customers finding it organically via the Sellbox website. The platform relies on PayPal for all transactions.

Sellbox tacks a 5% transaction fee onto every download, and that doesn’t include the PayPal transaction fee, which can add up to 3.4% more. That’s more than three times the fees that Shopify has for its users, but Shopify doesn’t provide direct download.

Sellbox doesn’t pre-screen works before they go up on its  site, which theoretically means it’s possible for a fraudster could pass off others’ work (or Creative Commons content) for sale. But it reserves the right to pull any account it chooses.


Tom Mandana


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It’s a potentially easy means for folks to distribute and collect payments for digital content, but it really doesn’t address the issue of initial buyers of electronic goods sharing or worse reselling those goods themselves.


I think the lack of checking of ownership of content being offered through Sellbox will turn a lot of artists away, whilst the high fees probably won’t deter those determined to make money off of others’ work. :(

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