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Nokia’s Treasure Tags can help you find your keys

Thanks to Nokia (s NOK) you might never lose your keys again. As long as you don’t lose your phone, that is. According to sources familiar with The Verge, Nokia is planning to launch a “Treasure Tag” accessory that uses Bluetooth and NFC to track items with a Lumia Windows phone.

The Treasure Tag itself is a proximity sensor that uses a combination of Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC to link up with your phone. Based on renderings, the device will be a small, squarish brick, with an attached loop to hook it to your key ring.

The Tag will pair to a Lumia phone via NFC, then uses Bluetooth 4.0 to track it. The Treasure Tag is always on, and is one of the first devices to use Bluetooth Low Energy support, which will be available as Nokia begins to roll out Blueooth 4.0 to Windows phones as part of its Amber update.

Once you’re connected, Nokia will have an app that displays the location of the Treasure Tag on a map, which also makes use of Nokia’s LiveSight augmented reality view. It isn’t clear if the Treasure Tag will update its location to your phone periodically, since you won’t be able to connect to it once you’ve traveled out of Bluetooth range. But as long as you’re close enough, you can also press a button on the Tag that will sound a notifcation alarm on your phone.

Nokia also plans to introduce a host of additional new accessories that will take advantage of Windows Phone’s new Bluetooth 4.0 support.

Between Nokia’s Treasure Tags and the addition of Bluetooth LE to Android 4.3, it seems like smart tags could finally begin to take off. Now if only someone can apply this technology to a gym lock, the sky’s the limit.