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New Moto X details emerge, point to special ‘Magic Glass’ version of Gorilla Glass

The official Moto X announcement is just days away, but the rumor mill is churning stronger than ever. The latest news comes from Taylor Wimberly, formerly of Android and Me, who claims the phone will feature a gapless design through the use of Moto Magic Glass.

According to Wimberly, Magic Glass is a specially designed form of Gorilla Glass that actually wraps around the sides of the phone, so there’s no gap between the screen and the back of the device. Not only should this look pretty snazzy, but it’ll also help Motorola pack a ton of screen into the phone’s design with nary a drop of wasted space.

Gorilla Glass has become the go-to glass for mobile devices for its incredibly high scratch and impact resistance. Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass, is trying to get its super-tough glass into laptops now as well. But durability isn’t the only positive attribute Moto’s Magic Glass will have on the Moto X.

Last year Motorola unveiled the Droid Razr M, which used an edge-to-edge design to fit a 4.3-inch display into a relatively small form factor. But even then, there was still some bezel around each side of the display. If the Magic Glass rumors are true, Motorola may be able to eliminate edges completely. Of course, this would also mean there’s a lot more glass surface area to worry about if you’re prone to dropping your phone.

Wimberly also claims the phone will feature a laminated aluminum design, with an emphasis on keeping it lightweight and durable.

Motorola is set to officially unveil the Moto X at an event in New York City on August 1. We’ll be in the audience, so check back soon for a closer look.

3 Responses to “New Moto X details emerge, point to special ‘Magic Glass’ version of Gorilla Glass”

  1. freethinkingperson

    Actually, I think the 90° wrap around would reinforce the front corner, making it more rigid and less prone to bending & breaking. 2 dimensional glass is known for weak corners. I guess we’ll see. I just hope the battery is replaceable, or else you’ll only get a good YEAR out of it anyway.