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Vimeo and Redbox Instant are coming to Chromecast. Next up: Plex and HBO Go?

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Chromecast, the streaming video adapter introduced by Google (s GOOG) last week, is quickly gaining support from a number of media platforms. Case in point: Vimeo told us it wants to support Chromecast, and we have learned that Redbox Instant is going to support the device as well.

The makers of the Plex media center are also hinting strongly at plans to support Chromecast, and code found by Chromecast hackers seems to stem from efforts to bring HBO Go to the platform.

Chromecast launched last week with support for a limited number of music and video services. Currently, users can stream media from YouTube, Netflix (s NFLX) and Google Play through the websites and mobile apps of these platforms.

Users can also mirror media form additional websites through a Chrome browser plugin, but this feature has been described as beta by Google. A number of additional services, including Pandora, (s P) AOL and Revision3, were also announced as forthcoming.

But it looks like that others may be getting ready to join the platform as well. When I asked Vimeo about its plans for Chromecast, I got this reply from the company’s VP of mobile, Nick Alt:

“We’re excited about the emerging opportunities bridging mobile to Connected TV and we look forward to offering Chromecast support in our products.”

I’ve also heard that Redbox Instant, which offer subscribers a mix online content and DVD rentals through Redbox’s kiosks, will bring its service to Chromecast. And when I asked a spokesperson for media center maker Plex for their plans for Chromecast, the response was that the Plex folks are “actively investigating and optimistic.” And then there’s this tweet from the Plex Twitter account:

Finally, it looks like pay TV subscribers with access to HBO may be able to stream HBO Go via Chromecast soon as well. Configuration files unearthed by last week hint at tests for HBO GO alongside services that were officially announced as partners last week, and an HBO spokesperson has since confirmed to GigaOM that talks are ongoing to bring the cable network’s online offering to Chromecast:

“We are talking to Google but have nothing definite to offer on timing.”

Check out our first look at Chromecast below:

This post was updated on 7/30 at 9:27am with a statement from HBO.

8 Responses to “Vimeo and Redbox Instant are coming to Chromecast. Next up: Plex and HBO Go?”

    • Mario Limonciello

      HBO GO works, but only via casting a tab. The performance is suboptimal, lower resolution, no 5.1. Not the proper way where the stream comes from the web and is only controlled from Chrome or from a mobile app.

      • Prasad Tiruvalluri

        It is in BETA and might improve once the v30 of Chrome comes. There are improvements in WERTC in v30 I believe which will help this.

  1. James Santiago

    i guess when i get the device in the next 4 to 6 weeks more deals will of been made..becuase right now all I have is a debit on my card and no device

    • why isnt anyone talking about the weird way the chromecast instantly went out of stock and there id no comment from google about when anyone can get one. seems like there is a story there. very strange. almost as if short supply wad intentional