Addressing PCI compliance in hybrid clouds


Cloud computing solves a number of problems, but compliance is not one of them. If anything, cloud computing complicates compliance, with shifting responsibilities for everything from user data to the physical data center. Hybrid clouds further cloud a murky situation by providing additional overlap and confusion.

Earlier this year, the PCI Security Standards Council released a set of guidelines outlining roles and responsibilities for compliance in public cloud scenarios. Since that time, a number of businesses and service providers have implemented those recommendations and attempted to extend those recommendations into more-complicated hybrid cloud environments.

In this webinar, our panel of experts will address these topics:

  • How is PCI compliance traditionally monitored and audited in an on-prem environment?
  • What do the new PCI guidelines mean to CSPs and their customers?
  • What additional challenges do public and hybrid clouds present?
  • Where do traditional compliance tools and processes fall short in cloud-based environments?
  • What is the role of automation and technology in compliance?
  • How can enterprises audit their current and potential service providers?

Speakers include:

Register here to join GigaOM Research, Rackspace and CloudPassage for “Addressing PCI compliance in the hybrid cloud,” a free analyst webinar on Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013, at 10 a.m. PT.

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