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Netflix UK users will get to stream new Breaking Bad episodes just a day after US broadcast

If you’re a cable-less Breaking Bad fan who lives in the U.S., your options are somewhat limited when it comes to the show’s sixth and final season, which airs on AMC starting August 11: You can buy individual episodes or a season pass from a service like iTunes (s AAPL) or Amazon (s AMZN), but you won’t be able to stream them on Netflix (s NFLX) or Prime Instant Video until after the full season has aired.

If you live in the U.K. or Ireland, though, you’re in luck: Netflix announced Friday that it will stream new episodes of the sixth season in those regions each Monday, the day after they air in the U.S.

“Netflix has been instrumental in making Breaking Bad the success that it is,” show creator Vince Gilligan said in a statement, “particularly in the U.K. and Ireland, where it has built an audience and become a huge phenomenon.”

It’s just the latest example of the recent trend in which shows are syndicated soon after they air, whether it’s on cable or online. Netflix already makes new episodes of AMC’s The Killing available to U.K. viewers a day after they air in the U.S. Stateside, Amazon is streaming episodes of CBS’s Under the Dome four days after they appear on the network, while cable network BET announced last week that it will air new episodes of Scandal eight days after they appear on ABC (s DIS). But first-run episodes of Breaking Bad are a particularly big get for Netflix, even if they’re only available across the Atlantic.

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  1. I hope one day Netflix will agree with content creators on delivering all cable content everywhere. And all those pseudo-competitors like TWC, Comcast, Cablevision will die! US is no free market country anymore – corporations and monopolies squeeze consumers dry. I effing hate Cablevision – they are the only cable provider in the Bronx and picture quality SUCKS – interruptions, breaking to pixels. Netflix at few Mbits/s has much better picture and costs times less.