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Business Insider founder and CEO Henry Blodget buys a newspaper — yes, really

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Henry Blodget, the co-founder and CEO of Business Insider, has a habit of writing posts on his site about his personal experiences with various ephemera of daily life, such as flying economy class. The latest instalment is about buying a newspaper — not a newspaper company, but an actual printed newspaper. Why? Because he needed some local news about Nantucket Island, apparently.

6 Responses to “Business Insider founder and CEO Henry Blodget buys a newspaper — yes, really”

  1. nldavison

    I was very amused to discover this acquisition by Blodget. I remember just reading a couple of months ago his sarcastic post putting down newspapers. I’m referring to his post on Business Insider where he writes about the time he woke up in the morning and found yesterday’s news outside his hotel door (i.e. newspaper).

  2. c’mon GigaOm, you can’t be this desperate for eyeballs to write some stupid blurb about Henry Blodget (a guy who got his license from trading revoked for the rest of his life by the also ethical stand up character reference Eliot Spitzer, friend of Weiner). You’d be better off writing a fiction piece about Gotham City than giving Blodget and his Business Insider rag time of day (that’s what BI is, its a modern day (digital) rag, and I’m surprised Mudoch’s News Corp. hasn’t acquired it yet and merged BI with the New York Post).

  3. David Sherr

    I thought they meant he bought it like Murdoch or Buffett would buy it. In Buffett’s case, that is precisely why he is buying. Only source of local news, unless you want to count the Public Community Channels just running Muzak and a Static Bulletin Board, or at best, very slow Slideware.