Live blog: Verizon introduces new Motorola Droid devices


Credit: Kevin C. Tofel

Verizon’s(s vz)(s vod) latest devices in its long-running partnership with Motorola made their debut in New York City Tuesday and we were there to live blog the event.

The Droid Mini ($99), Droid Ultra ($199) and Droid Maxx ($299) were all unveiled during a short presentation Tuesday. The phones, which are basically refreshes to the existing Droid lineup, run Google’s Android and the Droid Maxx appears to have some sort of custom processor.

Verizon’s original Droid smartphone helped kickstart Android’s(s goog) growth in the U.S. and the Droid line has been been a successful one for the carrier. We’ll follow up later with about the new devices and where they fit in with Verizon’s line up of smartphones.



Wondering if they will rebrand HTC One as Droid or share that cool red one that has been floating around. Either way, I am among the loyal Verizon customers who have been patiently waiting for the ONE. Anyone else with me?

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