Google, change that channel: clever hack brings Google TV controls to Google Now

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This is neat: Independent Google (s GOOG) TV developer Leon Nicholls has managed to control his Google TV device with voice commands straight from Google Now. It’s a bit of a hack, and the setup process is still a bit complicated, but it definitely shows where things are going for Google Now in terms of TV integration.

Check out a demo video shot by Nicholls below:

Nicholls used the Tasker app, as well as a number of other apps and plugins to turn Google TV tasks like the launch of the Netflix app or the changing of the TV channel into Google Now voice commands. That’s a bit tedious, and probably not something every Google TV user is prepared to do.

However, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see similar functionality pop up in Google Now at some point, possibly even with the ability to control a lot more devices: Google and its YouTube team have been working with Netflix and others on establishing a common protocol to launch apps and services on compatible devices.

DIAL, as the protocol is called, is being supported by an increasing number of TV manufacturers, which could mean that Google Now could eventually be used to control a wide variety of devices, much in the same way as demonstrated by Nicholls now, but without the need to do any kind of complicated setup.

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