What if you could only communicate using internet memes? Welcome to Yarrly



Spend some time on social media — whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter — and you’re bound to see a meme. Communicating in funny images, GIFs and videos have become a common way for everyone to communicate.

On the new mobile app Yarrly, it’s the only way to communicate.


Yarrly is a London-developed Android community that allows users to take two images and smash them together to make a meme sequence. Text captioning is optional. Then, the images are posted anonymously to the app, open to the public for sharing or “remixing.” When another user adds to the original meme with his or her own set of pictures, the original developer gets notified, creating a conversation of sorts by images and inside jokes not normally seen in a traditional social media community.


The app launched a earlier this week on Google Play, and quick spin through the company’s top memes, called the Charrt, shows off plenty of personal photos. As with any website, there’s tons of cats to peruse (one of the most popular is a seemingly endless chain of cats thinking about stuff), and also many silly self-portraits. One sub trend: people posting pictures without their noses — using the two-panel structure to cut out the middle of the face entirely for a silly effect.




Most people of a certain generation can already only communicate through stupid memes. No app is necessary kthxbye

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