Worst video ever: Time Warner Cable explains my internet bill

What’s more fun than getting a Time Warner Cable (s TWC) bill? Getting a personalized video explaining your Time Warner Cable bill. That’s what I got in my email today.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/70568173 w=500&h=281]

The two-minute video is set to jaunty music with a cheerful male narrator who helps demystify my bill with comments like “these charges are billed based on the date range of your billing period.” When it gets to “taxes and fees” — a section that would actually be useful to have explained — the only explanation is, “And here are your taxes and fees, which vary from month to month.”

There’s also no elaboration on the modem rental fee that Time Warner Cable recently started charging, which is set to net the company over $350 million a year.

At the end, I’m directed to sign into my account at Time Warner Cable. But the website hasn’t been able to pull up my account information for several months. Meanwhile, my bill still includes an installation charge that Time Warner Cable had agreed to remove.

Thanks for the video, Time Warner. By the way, I actually paid this bill a week ago.