Wish you could get Google Maps for iOS offline? Now you can


Google’s(s GOOG) new native iPad Maps app arrived earlier this week. But there’s a very useful new feature that hasn’t gotten much coverage: the ability to download maps to use offline. This is new to Google’s iOS(s AAPL) app, but has been a feature of its Android maps app already.

The Digital Inspiration blog has a really handy demonstration video showing how simple it is to download small areas of a Google map that you need to use when you’re not on an internet connection.

You search for the area you want, zoom in to the detail level that you need, type a command (“ok maps”) into the search bar and tap search on the virtual keyboard. The map will download to your device for later use. It works for iPad and for iPhone.

Handy, right? I definitely plan to use this instead next time I travel abroad or am in an area with unreliable cell phone coverage.
Google Maps iOS offline mode

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Brown brown@hotmail.com

You r using apple maps.. Open google maps app and try it.. I faced the same issue.

Roy L

Not sure what i’m doing wrong but it directs me to Oklahama when i type in “Ok maps” – i’m in Dubai, Middle East!!!!!!


Agree with Ray – how do I access it? This is kind of an important detail the video does not explain.


“The map will download to your device for later use.”

Where? Where do I find this?


Bruce K

How do you prevent your iPhone memory from filling up with cached map data? How do you delete it?

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