Nifti gives consumers the data to move beyond price alerts to price transparency

Nifti price tracking

We all know that the prices on items for sale online can change dramatically over time, and a number of startups have attempted to provide consumers with simple ways to get price alerts when items they like go on sale. But most of these sites just email you when your item drops in price — they might not give you the full data on how that price has changed.

Nifti, a new company launching on Thursday, allows consumers to get alerts on prices, but what’s maybe even more interesting is that it lets you check out the price history for a ton of differet items across the web. Consumers can just add the Nifti bookmark to a page, and then track the price of that item from their Nifti dashboard, where you can see just how crazy pricing really is.

For example, here’s a shirt that someone saved that’s fluctuated widly in price over the past month. The red line shows the price the person wants to purchase the shirt for, and the green shows how the price has actually changed:

Nifti price tracking

The company’s co-founders said originally they just planned to create a site with traditional price alerts, but they found that consumers kept coming back to check how certain items were doing — they actually wanted to track items over time. So they added charts and graphs to show this data, letting you set the price you want to purchase the item for, and then seeing how it fluctuates. Setting a price alert is as simple as adding the Nifti bookmark to your browser, and adding an item when you see it on the web.

“They kept coming back just because they were curious how things were behaving,” co-founder Nathan Sharp told me.

They said customers are primarily using the site to track big ticket items like furniture or home improvement items, since tracking a price over time lends itself to something you don’t need immediately (in other words, it’s not the place for impulse shopping.) Even if you’re not interested in tracking your own items, it’s kind of entertaining to check out the company’s “browse” page, where you can see some of the wildest shifts.

Users can also purchase the items from Nifti, which makes money through an affiliate model on some of its partner sites. The company has $800,000 in seed funding from investors including Google Ventures.

“The team at Nifti has created a platform to bring consumers and merchants together in a way that makes the most of this increase in pricing awareness,” the Boston-based Rich Miner of Google Ventures said in a press release regarding the also Boston-based team.


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