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New York Times to release gesture-controlled Leap Motion news app

Want to read the New York Times with a wave of your hand? The paper will let you do that, to a certain extent, when it releases an app for the gesture-controlled Leap Motion device that launches July 22.

The free app, which will include top stories only and doesn’t require (or allow) digital subscribers to log in, lets users navigate between stories by moving their hand over the device. According to the release, “The app also features advertising capabilities that allow brands to connect with New York Times readers using motion-controlled ad units embedded as cards between articles.”

“This preliminary app is a first step. We look forward to exploring other ways to deliver our world-class journalism to the growing Leap Motion customer base as we continue this ongoing collaboration,” Denise Warren, EVP of the NYT’s digital products and services group, said in a statement. The Leap Motion app was developed by the New York Times Idea Lab.

You can watch a (fairly grainy) video of the app in action here.