GigaOM Chrome Show: Chromebooks v. Netbooks and integrated phone notifications


Chromebooks(s goog) are now the fastest growing PC segment and account for nearly 25 percent of the sub-$300 market. Sound familiar? Yup, but this week, we explain why Chromebooks aren’t Netbooks 2.0. The new screen settings feature is the latest Stable channel update, but it just won’t work for Chris. Is his Pixel haunted?

Android handset owners will appreciate our pick for extension of the week: It shoots your phone notifications right to Chrome or Chrome OS. And after a few hours of misery, Kevin explains why the Google experience on Windows(s msft) RT is exactly that: Really Terrible.

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Hosts: Kevin C. Tofel and Chris Albrecht

Why Chromebooks won’t suffer the same fate as netbooks

More evidence of a Haswell-powered Pixel found. (Stop teasing us, Google!)

Another useful setting makes its way to the Stable channel for everyone but Chris: chrome://settings/display

Cloud printing tip: Printing tip. Set up your printer as a Google contact.

How’s the Chrome / Google experience on Windows RT?

Extension of the week: Android Desktop Notifications


John Selden

The display setting does not work for me either. I’m using the HP Pavillion Chromebook. I see it flash on the screen briefly and then it’s gone.

Shem Gyll

A thoroughly enjoyable podcast. Thank you for the printer trick. I’d try it, but I don’t think my printer has ever forgiven me for the time I ran it with empty cartridges…

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