Union Metrics goes from premium to freemium to analyze your Tumblr posts

Some startups hit the market with a free product before rolling out a premium version. Union Metrics, a company that provides analytics on Tumblr blogs and Twitter, is going the other way, announcing a free set of Tumblr analytics tools on Tuesday.

Now Tumblr users can keep tallies of posts, likes, reblogs, followers, and check out how one act of reblogging leads to other acts of reblogging. That could come in handy for workaday bloggers who are curious about what happens after they throw something up on the site.

Meanwhile Union Metrics is adding integration to Google(s goog) Analytics and follower tracking for its paying customers. That’s useful for companies or external marketing agencies keen on gauging the effectiveness of their work.

The company claims to have been the first Tumblr analytics service to consume the entirety of the Tumblr firehose, which it got a hold of through Gnip last year. Since launching that product in November, Union Metrics has ascertained a few things about Tumblr usage, including the busiest days and times for publishing posts, as well as reblogging and liking posts:

Courtesy of Union Metrics
Courtesy of Union Metrics