Solid specs for BlackBerry A10 leak, but chasing sales through hardware is a tough road


Prices of current BlackBerry 10 phones have recently been cut in the U.S., indicating a newer device is on the way. It’s likely to be the A10 and, according to a Crackberry forum member, BlackBerry(s bbry) is boosting the size of the device compared to its Z10 handset.

The information comes from a leaked presentation slide with alleged full specifications of the new A10. If true — and these specs look reasonable to me — the A10 will use a 5-inch, 720p touchscreen display paired with a 1.7 GHz dual-core processor and quad-core graphics chip. Here’s a complete rundown of the reported specifications:

BlackBerry A series

All in all, these are the types of upgrades I’d hope to see in a new BlackBerry handset running BlackBerry 10.2. Some may be disappointed with the 720p resolution, instead hoping for 1080p, but that could add a challenge to developers who would have to support a new screen resolution. And developer challenges aren’t what BlackBerry needs amid device sales that haven’t yet met expectations.

It seems to me, however, that BlackBerry — and Nokia(s nok) to a smaller degree — are chasing sales through hardware features when it’s not really the hardware that keeps people from buying anything other than iPhones(s aapl) or Android(s goog) handsets. It’s true that the handset makers only have direct control over the phones they make; it’s up to developers and the platform makers to create APIs and SDKs to help developers make killer apps. I’m not sure what more BlackBerry can do in that regard.

But it’s increasingly clear that while hardware was once the leading “feature” of mobile devices, the software and ecosystem is just as important, if not more so, to generating sales.


eric g

they need a QWERTY key board and a large screen the key board is what they are most famous fore now they need to the develop a sliding key board or something new that will get the traction back but it has to be with a large screen that’s where they are failing

Sunil Sethi

Absolutely. They need to address solutions not hardware.

Harry Megido

Blackberry is failing because they treat their customers like crap and continue to take their loyalists for granted.

John Mays

I think that if we go back to when android first started out the G1 was awful but over time the system as gotten better. I think Blackberry has a great os and the hardware is amazing but the echo system is lacking. Over time this should correct its self and with even better specks and size blackberry in my opinion is moving in the right direction. just need a few more apps and its a done deal.


I have to agree. I doubt that the average user will be able to tell the difference between dual-core and quad-core performance during everyday use. The software is where the rubber meets the road. BB10 is a powerful platform that needs to be marketed properly to draw in the average consumer (which has not been done to this point). That, and the app ecosystem will determine its fate, not quad-core processors and 1080p vs 720p resolution.

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