Cloud fight! Rackspace disputes Amazon’s dedicated instance claims

Shocker: Rackspace (s rax) thinks Amazon Web Services(s amzn) drastically overplays its claims for dedicated instance price cuts (and for its dedicated instances in general.)

Specifically, Rackspace CTO John Engates notes that, unlike you-know-who, Rackspace doesn’t charge a separate fee for every region where a dedicated server runs.  And, in a blog post, he contends that AWS defines dedicated computing differently than the rest of the world.

Rackspace CTO John Engates
Rackspace CTO John Engates

Given Amazon’s sheer size, competitors watch its every move like a hawk. These rivals, which include Rackspace, HP(s hpq), Microsoft (s msft) and others — want to wrest more of that public cloud business for themselves. And most of them also tout private cloud capabilities that make their offerings more enterprise-worthy than AWS — a claim that AWS heartily contests.

But getting back to dedicated instances, Engates maintains that AWS EC2 dedicated instances are not the same as true dedicated, bare metal servers. Rackspace’s dedicated servers are, he writes, “completely isolated from the public cloud and run on your own hardware with your own network, and you have your own storage.”

EC2 dedicated instances, he writes, also run on your own hardware but are connected to Amazon’s public cloud. “You’re just a dedicated, single-tenant slice of that cloud. If the AWS public cloud suffers an outage, you will be affected. Plus if you need additional block storage, you’re back to multi-tenancy with Amazon’s elastic block storage.”

He also maintains that true dedicated servers can be customized — a lot — with the operating system, storage, CPU type, memory and network speed of your choosing, whereas specs of EC2 dedicated instances “are predetermined for you.”

But you can read the rest of the post for yourself and make your own judgement.

Your move AWS!