Firefox OS developer phone maker Geeksphone to launch Peak+ handset

Geeksphone, the little Spanish smartphone marker that came out with the first developer phones for Mozilla’s Firefox OS just a few months ago, is already hinting at an upgrade for its higher-spec offering, the Peak — and this time it seems to have consumers in its sights.

In a newsletter sent out to Geeksphone fans on Monday, the outfit said it was preparing a device called the Peak+ for “end users”, following the success of its Keon and Peak developer handsets. Details are scarce, apart from the fact that the Peak+ will boast new hardware features of some kind and will come with free cloud storage.

From the newsletter:

“There have been many contributions from the Geeksphone Users Community regarding our handsets; we have carefully listened and analysed them, and today we are pleased to announce that we are finalizing the new and improved version of our most demanded smartphone, in which we have introduced new hardware features. Moreover we will begin offering our new users 25GB of storage in the cloud that can be synchronised with other devices via Web.”

More details should come out in the coming days, along with the ability to pre-order the Peak+.

It would be unwise to read too much into Geeksphone’s announcement given that information is lacking, but I will say that it’s probably an encouraging sign for the nascent Firefox OS ecosystem. We’re seeing indications that the operators really are getting behind this platform — heck, Deutsche Telekom reckons even the mature German market is worth a try — so perhaps this is why Geeksphone sees enough demand to step up its game at this early stage.