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Apple could be planning enhanced TV service with ad skipping

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Apple’s talks with big cable over a comprehensive TV service seem to be back in motion, as former Wall Street Journal reporter Jessica Lessin reported on her new site that the company plans on pitching a premium TV service that not only streams live cable TV over an Apple set-top box or TV but also allows viewers to skip commercials.

The ad skipping would be seamless for viewers and lucrative for networks, as Apple would directly pay for each ad skipped. But Lessin said that there still isn’t enough information to determine how this new service would act differently from a DVR or cable system like DirecTV’s AdHopper. Patented technology from the Cupertino company could mean that the company will simply swap video streams to bring new programming in place of ads.

It’s probable that the programming would be primed for the $99 Apple TV, which has signed deals recently with HBO and ESPN. Discussions have been frequent with Time Warner Cable, so Lessin said that it’s likely that some form of live TV system will arise with a personalized Apple interface.

The rumblings that Apple’s big push to the living room may finally be happening could be the boon that Apple TV has been set up for all these years, but carefully balancing unwanted disruption from the cable companies is critical to the plan’s success.

5 Responses to “Apple could be planning enhanced TV service with ad skipping”

  1. David Thomas

    Here’s what confounds me about the TV ad industrial complex: why not gang up the ads at the end of a program and also have ten minute or so self-standing compilations? Ads are a popular medium and they’re doing great on youtube views. We’ve used TIVO for ten years(?) now and still. on occasion, we will watch some of the ads because they’re frequently good entertainment on their own. If Apple or another broadcast intermediary offered that as a lower cost service option I’d be game for that.

  2. I can’t imagine that there could be any alliance with the tv interests that would involve stripping the ads out. It’s really amazing that Apple would think there is an upside to turning someone else’s business model on it’s head in such a fashion. It’s really amazing that there is even an article here (really?).

    Apple has 150 billion dollars, if they want tv shows, then they have plenty of money to start making them, not hijacking other existing products. They just want to place themselves as another middleman. All the tv interests already have a middleman… the cable guys.

    The story of Steve Jobs being on the cusp of reinventing tv will go down in history as folklore… just like Paul Bunion and Jack and the Beanstalk.