Games for the weekend: Zombie Fish Tank


Games for the Weekend is a weekly feature aimed at helping you avoid doing something constructive with your downtime. Each Friday we’ll be recommending a game for Mac, iPhone or iPad that we think is awesome. Here is one cool enough to keep you busy during this weekend.

Zombie Fish TankZombie Fish Tank ($0.99 Universal) is neither your typical fishing game nor is it your typical zombie game. In Zombie Fish Tank, the zombie is the hero and the fish does all of the fishing.

The story begins when a scientist haphazardly steps on our hero’s girlfriend just before snatching him up and taking him back to the science lab. At the lab the heartbroken fish is subjected to a series of biological tests that at first infuriates him, and ultimately kills him. Not wanting to waste the dead corpse of our hero, the scientist decides to feed him to the other fish in the lab’s fish tank. But our hero is actually undead, and about to embark on a journey that will take him far away from his fish tank.

Zombie Fish Tank

Being a fish in this game you must abide by the established laws of nature.  You can only eat smaller fish and must steer clear of the bigger fish. To get around the fish tank, there are two basic ways to swim. The easiest is to tilt the screen as if the fish you are controlling were a marble you need to balance on your device. The difference is that the tank moves behind the fish, as the fish appears to stay in one place. If you need to recalibrate and zero balance your tilt mechanism, just double tap on the screen. The other controller is a virtual joystick on the screen. While the tilt control feels more natural and responsive, the joystick may be more appropriate when playing out in public.

Zombie Fish Tank

Swimming up on a smaller fish, you will automatically open your mouth, snatch it up and eat it. Swim too close to a larger fish and just the opposite will happen, you will be eaten. As you eat more fish, you get bigger. This allows you to eat an increasing number of fish, not just the small ones. With each fish you eat, a new fish type is unlocked and available for purchase to place in your own personal fish tank. Keep in mind that these are no ordinary fish, they are the results of the scientist’s other biological experiments.

Zombie Fish Tank

There are four levels in each of the 10 different environments. Completing a level by surviving and catching a certain number of fish will unlock the next level. The progression of levels tells the story on how you swim your way out of the fish tank and ultimately off of the scientist’s island. From the aquarium, down the toilet, through the pipes, out with waste water and into the rivers and streams, each level has its own challenges.

For instance, when you are in a stationary tank, there is no current to swim with. Yet when you are in a pipe or a stream, the current will push you along and give the game more of a side-scrolling runner feel to it.

Zombie Fish Tank

The environment is not the only source of challenges you will face. As with any sort of wildlife, one must contend with the reality of living in a world dominated by mankind’s trash. You can get snagged by weights, poisoned by foul water, and find yourself attached to all sorts of objects. Some will even bring you good fortune, like the magnet, which will attract smaller fish towards you and away from the larger fish. Before starting each level, you can purchase these kinds of in-game power-ups.

Zombie Fish Tank

Towards the end of each level, as soon as you have eaten your fill of smaller fish, you will enter into a rage where you can eat anything that comes before you. The idea it to eat as many fish as possible in order to rack up as many points as possible. There are also challenges in each level, like eat a certain number of fish within a given time limit, that, once achieved, will result in even more points being awarded. These points can be used to buy more fish for your fish tank, and even enhance your fish tank with things like colored rocks, plants and better filters for your tank.  Rather than going fishing this weekend, become the fish and help lead our zombie hero swim out into open waters.

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