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Book an appointment to the App Store: Any.Do’s Cal just launched for iOS

Popular task management app has a new sister app to help iPhone(s AAPL) owners better manage their day. Cal launched on Thursday in the iOS App Store and it complements the app with deep integration. The app is free and while is available on multiple platforms — it launched first on Android(s goog) — Cal is iOS-only for now.

Just like its predecessor, Cal has a super-clean design. (Sidenote: the new look for iOS 7 has already been compared to, with some suggesting Apple borrowed font and design elements from it.) And it’s easy to navigate between views.

Your agenda shows underneath a monthly calendar but if you swipe up on the agenda, the month view seamlessly becomes a weekly view, for example. The agenda also includes time gaps between appointments, which can help you plan your day: If you see a two-hour gap, for example, you can take advantage of the free time and book something.

Here’s how it looks in action:

[vimeo w=630&h=354]

The integration with is evident, as well. Tapping the “add new” icon offers two choices: Event or Task. Obviously, the event is added to your calendar in Cal, but tapping the Task option opens There’s further integration outside of the apps as well. Cal works with calendars from Google, Exchange(s msft) and iCloud. I connect my Facebook events to my Gmail account, so through the Google integration, I’m getting those as well as my family’s shared calendars in the app.

I like the task integration because task management often goes hand-in-hand with daily calendar events. It doesn’t hurt that added a scheduled daily planner feature on the task side of the house. I suspect we’ll see a deeper tie-in with Cal for that functionality, called the Daily Moment, which I have fire up at 8 a.m. every morning to prioritize my tasks. There’s a hint of that tie-in in the Cal press release along with mention of more related apps:

“Thanks to a sophisticated integration between and Cal, both apps now create a new flow for daily planning that can completely transform your everyday. And this is just the first step. Our plan is to create a suite of powerful apps that connect seamlessly to make the most of your day.”

Look closely at the end of the Cal video and you’ll notice two additional app icons that give a clue as to what’s next for the company.

Like, Cal is free, which makes you wonder: How will the company make money? There’s certainly a plan but I haven’t been able to get details. I know the company raised $3.5 million in funding earlier this year and at that time Any.Do’s CEO, Omer Perchik, told me the focus was on user growth. After using Cal for a short time, I think Perchik will surely see the user base grow, leading to an even bigger launch for the next app in Any.Do’s mobile suite of tools.

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  1. Luis Garza

    I’m looking at the video and pics that you and other sites published, and then looking at the app that was installed on my phone when I hit the link and…nothing to do with each other. The app linked is a simple todo list with access to my calendars….but the screenshots look nothing like I’m looking at…but if I hit the Related tab, I can find the app you are reviewing here…so…somebody (I’m guessing Any.Do because all reviews I’ve seen link to the same Any.Do app that isn’t Cal) messed up and gave out the wrong link.