Live blog: The new T-Mobile’s first media event promises “bold” news


The newly minted T-Mobile(s tmus) promised to announce its “boldest moves yet” at a media event in New York City on Wednesday. GigaOM’s curiosity was piqued, and we were onsite covering the event when it kicked off at 230pm ET (1130am PT).

T-Mobile is apparently new at putting on these kinds of live events, because it allowed AllThingsD to post an interview with its CEO, John Legere, just before the event started revealing all the news: A new upgrade program that lets customers get new phones more often than other competitors appears to be the centerpiece of the announcement. The company also put out a press release, undercutting its own event. The company also announced that it would be carrying the Sony Xperia Z, which we reviewed here.

Kevin Tofel blogged at the event at Skylight West NYC, while Kevin Fitchard watched and commented from Chicago. Check out how the event unfolded below.



“John Legere’s hatred of his competitors seems almost palpable”

But deserved (at least ATT & VZ).


Why does everyone think shared data outs the best thing ever? My guess is because the other two do it…


shared data plans have no value if you offer unlimited data on individual lines. It would make no sense to offer a shared unlimited plan, for then you won’t get multiple individual plans. ATT and VZ offer pathetic shared plans that cost way more than T-Mo’s or Sprint’s unlimited plan, if you use any more than 1 GB or so.

Kevin Fitchard

I see your point Keninca, but I think shared plans not only have their place, they’ll become key when we start connecting multiple devices. People aren’t going to buy data plans for every device. I admit AT&T and Verizon’s plans leave a lot to be desired, but the industry has to move in this direction.

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