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Yelp rolls out platform for booking local services, starting with food delivery

Yelp(s yelp) announced Tuesday that it will now allow customers to complete transactions with local businesses, starting with a food delivery service that will let customers purchase food on the site and then have it delivered.

The move makes perfect since for Yelp, since the company already has one of the most extensive databases of local businesses, with reviews and complete information on the serivces they offer. Yelp said it will start with transactions on food delivery from local restaurants, but move on to booking things like spas, yoga studios, salons and dentist appointments. Right now, food will be available from a few restaurants that work with and Eat24, which coordinate food delivery in certain cities.the Yelp’s blog post explains how it will work in further detail.

Here’s what a page for a restaurant that offers delivery through Yelp will look like:

local delivery itemsThere are already numerous companies that do local restaurant delivery, like Seamless and Grubhub, and other companies including Amazon and and Walmart have been trying to break into local grocery delivery. Yelp is angling to become a one-stop shop for booking everything from dentist appointments to a slice of corner store pizza, assuming they figure out how to make deliveries easy and affordable.

The Yelp services will be available on iOS, mobile web or desktop, and Android is coming soon.

Update: We asked Yelp to provide more information on how it makes money off transactions completed through the site. A spokeswoman replied: “Yelp shares in revenue paid by end merchants to our partners for providing transaction services. We are not sharing payment details at this time.”