Box for Salesforce provides a better integration for Salesforce users

Box announced a new take on its integration with Salesforce, relying on Box Embed, an HTML 5 framework. This provides much richer integration of Box capabilities within the Salesforce architecture. These include the following:

  • The entire suite of collaboration features of Box inside a Salesforce record, including Box Edit, comments, tasks and access management
  • The ability to preview Box files from within user records and easier navigation through an entire Box folder tree without leaving a Salesforce record
  • The ability to create new documents, search all Box content, and share files quickly across Box
  • Add comments and assign actions to specific documents
  • Access to all Box partner apps and file actions within Salesforce.

In an earlier integration, Box had a lower-fidelity experience, limited to saving and accessing files to Box from Salesforce. And Salesforce had rolled out their own competitor to Box, called Chatterbox, so it seemed the companies might be competing, not collaborating.

Maybe the Oracle/Salesforce rapprochement has spread across Salesforce. Maybe a growing acceptance about the inevitability of lightweight and low-cost integration is influencing the actors to move quickly and partner, like this line from a recent Salesforce call by Larry Ellison:

When you move to the cloud, companies don’t expect a multi hundred million dollar project to make their CRM from Salesforce work with ERP from Oracle. We have to make that implementation work out of the box.

Wow. Is that the real Larry Ellison?