Prip: A push-to-talk walkie-talkie service for Android now, iPhone soon

Sprint direct connect PTT phones

Messages and phone calls are great but sometimes you want or need simple instant voice communication. That’s where push-to-talk or PTT services come into play and thanks to Prip software, you can add PTT to your Android device. The application, freely available in the Google Play store, works on devices running Android 2.3 or later and comes with a free one-month trial. After that, you’ll need to pony up $7.99 a month to continue the walkie-talkie fun.

Prip on AndroidI’ve seen a number of similar services in the past but they never seemed to attract a market due to hardware constraints or other challenges. Prip, a product of NII Holdings just might buck the trend because it works on a vast number of Android smartphones and tablets. The service works over your standard data connection; either cellular or Wi-Fi. Best of all is that Prip was developed by Motorola, which has a history with the technology, most recently including it in the Atrix HD smartphone.

Now that Prip is available for most Android devices, it could find a following; particularly because last month Sprint shut down its IDEN network used for Nextel PTT devices. More than likely it won’t be consumers that jump on the Prip bandwagon, however. At $8 a month, Prip is geared more towards government or construction employees that need this type of communications.

After installing Prip, you’ll be able to talk to┬áNII Holding’s 11 million subscribers in Mexico, Brazil and in Latin America as well as with other U.S.-based Prip subscribers. Don’t fret, iPhone owners: Prip is expected for iOS in the coming weeks.


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