ICYMI podcasts: QuickOffice v. Office, monitoring loved ones and “to print or not to print?”

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Google is showing off its QuickOffice integration on the developer channel of Chrome OS. On this week’s GigaOm Chrome Show, Chris Albrecht and Kevin Tofel discuss what the app, which uses native Office document formats for creation and editing, could mean for Microsoft’s productivity package. Chromies can also get that new Photos app specifically made for the Pixel on practically any Chromebook: Tune in to find out how.

On this week’s Internet of Things podcast, Iggy Fanlo, CEO of Lively, explains to Stacey Higginbotham how monitoring the number of times a bathroom door opens and shuts can tell us about a person’s health. Fanlo’s Kickstarter project for Lively didn’t meet it’s funding goal, but Fanlo discusses that as well as other ways his company’s product can monitor friends and family in an unobtrusive way.

Finally, our weekly wrap-up podcast touches upon a few news bits during the holiday week plus the promise of going without a printer: Eliza Kern wonders if it’s finally possible in this digital age? And what exactly has T-Mobile being doing in the last two months since its merger? Turns out: quite a bit but mostly behind the scenes as Kevin Fitchard explains.

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