Your call: Androidly is either a big Android smartwatch or a small wearable phone


When you first look at Androidly, do you see a smartwatch or a phone? Opinions will vary, and there’s no right answer: This £150 (US $229.22) device is a full Android(s goog) phone that you wear on your wrist. Unlike most smartwatches on the market, Androidly is noticeably bigger, however, and that could limit the potential market for it.

How large is Androidly? The product page says it measures in at 6.4 x 4.2 x 1.4 centimeters, which works out to 2.5 x 1.65 x 0.55 inches. I think my small wrist could manage the thickness, but I’m not so sure about the width.

Pair of Androidly

It’s all about compromise, however, because what you lose in slimness, you gain in functionality. Androidly contains all of the hardware components you’d expect to find in a very low-budget mini handset:

  • A 416 MHz chip with 256 MB of memory and 8 GB of internal storage
  • A 2-inch, 320 x 240 pixel capacitive touchscreen
  • Android 2.2 installed
  • GPS / aGPS, accelerometer, Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g and GSM network support
  • 2 megapixel camera

Essentially, this is a cut-down smartphone that you can wear and that means it’s not a second screen for your smartphone like many of the currently available smartwatches are. Instead, it’s a truly standalone device that you can use for phone calls and any Android applications you want to install. I think the smartwatch market is still evolving and the question still remains: Do people want a second phone screen on their wrist, a standalone device or some hybrid between the two?

Functionality aside — and there appears to be quite a bit in Androidly — I don’t think “bulky” is what comes to mind when people describe their perfect wearable. I think Androidly is a clever idea, but essentially, it’s a small cut-down handset with a wrist strap that requires another voice and data plan with your carrier.



Its a complete scam. This product existed a long time ago, which is why the specs are so poor. The guys blatantly lie, post “updates” about features they claim to add. Its simply an extremely minor (if any) rom alteration which they’re trying to sell at a profit.


More Proof:

They are responding by blocking me on facebook and twitter.


Instead of them (Androidly) being punched with red hot iron rods heated to 1000 deg c in their bums (the only last remaining direct action which will deter such thick-brained thick-skinned desi cheater thugs) WHY you be ever blocked on facebook or twitter?

I fully endorse as well as support you.


I’d like a small watchphone that can generate a wifi hotspot – anyone know of one?


They should have made it a belt buckle with associated apps, and a headset with a eInk LCD (think, like what Sony did most recently with that 6.4in phablet). That would actually have made this size make decent sense.

Other thought, should have been made a touch more durable, then pitched as the Android fitness phone. Then the arm band not just makes sense, but it makes fitness apps push to the front and a chance for Google or Android licensees to play on that end of the platform’s usability.

As it is, its just software in a shell. No clear product planning or differentiation makes for something that just won’t catch on of major consequence.

Ankit Pradhan

Dear friends

There are some watches which look similar to Androidly but that is where the similarities end. No other smartwatch comes with the complete Android experience. Only Androidly allows you to connect to your Google account to sync and use Gmail, Calendar and Contacts and other Google services. Only Androidly has and runs the complete Google Play Store which gives access to over 500,000 apps on the Play store! You have not yet seen Androidly, hence it’s not wise to make accusations within good reason. Hope you have a pleasant day.

Kind regards
Ankit Pradhan
CTO, Androidly

androidly is a scam

shut up. i have all the proof that you get this generic watch from china and you stole a custom ROM that a user on xda-developers made, without his permission.


Jon Cohen, excellent find. seems like all the writeups on it just ran with it and no one really did their homework. also, I wonder how this group of “developers” when confronted with it.

androidly is a scam

they are no “developers”. they rebranded a chinese product and a custom ROM stolen off xda-developers and i have proof.

The Analyst

The best way to lessen the size of mobile is to separate CPU and screen as in desktop. The CPU should contain processor, GPS and other cellular hardware, while the screen will have only touch, audio and display. The CPU will be connected with screen through blue tooth.

Walter Deleon

PLEASE READ: This product is hardly innovative or worth your $150. And please don’t back their kickstarter. This is merely a rebranding of a very generic watch available from wholesalers from China. It can be found everywhere.

androidly is a scam

they get this generic watch from china rebranded and use a custom ROM stolen off a user on xda-developers made, without his permission. i have proof, screenshots etc

androidly is a scam

they get this generic watch from china rebranded and use a custom ROM stolen off a user on xda-developers made, without his permission. i have proof, screenshots etc


I found this to be cool! Technology is on the the raise. Making modification, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems, and methods of organization, in order to solve a problem, improve a preexisting solution to a problem, achieve a goal, handle an applied input/output relation or perform a specific function. All you can do is enjoy the sweet goodies that are created. I think the size of this devise is appropriate and no more wheres my phone or doping it by mistake, or even accidentally pocket calls or text…..I love it and would buy one.. :)


One advantage to that format is no more car docks! ;-)


It does look a bit big for my wrist but then the phablet I have right now is big as well!!!


£150 is definitely a good price for a true smartwatch. Isnt that the same what pebble was selling for and just acting as another screen? smhh whata waste. Now this, this I can see myself putting some special thought too..

Kevin C. Tofel

Your comment has the same IP as the prior one that praised this device a few minutes ago. I’m happy for you if you like Androidly, but no need to pump it up using multiple identities, ‘k? Thanks.

androidly is a scam

they are all posted by the promoters of this scam product. they get this generic watch from china rebranded and use a custom ROM stolen off a user on xda-developers made, without his permission. i have proof, screenshots etc


Dude, I am totally on your side! I have been working relentlessly to get it pulled from indiegogo! Please email your screenshots and other information to indiegogo! We can get this awful project pulled before more people buy into it!


True, I even know the people just by looking at their faces and New Delhi (and whole present India) is full of con-artists, cheaters, immoral businesses and punbaji crooks exported all over the world courtesy of “Dilli Ke Thugs” …and to be honest, they have no shame because they have been enslaved since 10th century when they failed to defend their land and religion from invaders, they have been reduced to brainless clowns…all they have is the shadow of mutilated and fractured past and a history of loosing out to invaders..and at this moment it is at peak of loosing it’s whole history into the hands of few missionaries sponsored enemies of their own religion and their own land..till they correct this loss and return to past glory which Bharat (India) which it once was…it will always be shit-loader….


This is brilliant! Finally a standalone phone and how awesome to have Android!! Suck that Apple and Samsung. I don’t need to run extra smooth games etc, Id love not losing my phone and having it on me all the time for notifications! Love it!


Android 2.2.

That’s absurd, and explains why I have heard *nothing* about this watch. They should consider sending out an apology for selecting such a version of Android. If they can’t use Android 4.x, they should either build a custom Linux distro to run on it, or wait until there is better hardware.

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