Vine adds new features like “re-vining” and protected posts

Vine announced on Wednesday that it’s added some spiffy new features to the video-sharing app, like the ability to re-share someone else’s video through “re-vining,” added account protection, and some new camera features. They’re all nice additions, but they come as Vine has to prove that it’s still a good place to share videos after Instagram’s moving picture debut.

The ability to officially “re-vine” someone else’s videos is one that I have wished Instagram would add for a while for its photos and videos — often someone will take a photo of me or somewhere we went together, and I’ll want to share it with my own followers. So it’s smart that Vine — owned by the company that created the re-tweet — would add this feature. It has also improved some camera tools, adding a grid and focus to shooting, and allowed users to set their videos to private rather than public.

But since Instagram launched a video service in May, the future of Vine has been up in the air. I still think that it will be easier for Instagram to win widespread, mainstream adoption of mobile video, simply because of the existing size of its user base. One hundred and thirty million monthly active users on Instagram isn’t too far behind the 200 million monthly active users on Twitter itself, and far ahead of the few who have migrated to Vine.

However, plenty of people have complained about the experience of video on Instagram, and there’s no doubt the six-second, looping clips on Vine lend themselves to some of the quirkier, funnier videos we’ve seen there so far. I still see a lot of artists, bloggers and creative types continuing to post to Vine, so it’s possible that it’s not a winner-takes-all situation when it comes to mobile video — maybe teenagers can post selfie videos on Instagram, and Jack Dorsey can keep his on Vine.

Here’s a Vine from Lowe’s, the hardware company, to celebrate the 4th of July holiday:

[protected-iframe id=”f9b4b89473519e9c2eca554e3c947836-14960843-7897890″ info=”” width=”600″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″]