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Forget the Moto X, Motorola’s not done with the Droid line just yet

While some of us are speculating about what the Moto X phone will be like, Motorola(s goog) has apparently been working on a new line of Droids for Verizon(s vz)(s vod). According to Droid Life, we can expect a Droid Ultra phone for the U.S. carrier, and it will follow in the footsteps of the old Razr HD and Razr Maxx lines. Neither Verizon nor Motorola has officially announced the Droid Ultra, but Motorola already has a product landing page on the web for it.

No pictures are available on the product page and the listed specifications are likely placeholders, or simply copied from a different Motorola device for the time being. But the Ultra is sure to be as thin as its predecessors, if not thinner, based on this snippet from the Droid Ultra landing page:

DROID ULTRA – THINK THIN Available in a bunch of glossy colors, this high-grade DuPont™ Kevlar body proves you can be even thinner and still be tough as steel.”

It’s not much to go on, to be sure, but the details will likely become available soon. Interestingly, the bit about “a bunch of glossy colors” reminds me of early Moto X comments. Early rumors of that device indicated the phone would be customizable in various colors.

Could the Droid Ultra be Verizon’s version of the Moto X, or one particular variant in a line of Moto X devices? It sounds plausible, if not likely. Either way, one thing is fairly certain. The venerable Droid line for Verizon, which really kicked off the “golden age of Android” is likely to continue on.

Droid by Motorola Front Open VZW Eye

2 Responses to “Forget the Moto X, Motorola’s not done with the Droid line just yet”

  1. tommygs3

    i wish they would kill the droid line. i had the original motorola droid and loved it. but now with all the phones coming out and verizon has to be “special”, im done with them. i want phones that the whole world gets, not just the ones verizon wants me to have.

    • agreed, samsung learned quickly the mistake they made with special variations of galaxy s1 and s2 for each carriers. the popularity of the galaxy line in the US skyrocketed after they made first the s3 and now the s4 look identical on all carriers even if they still have carrier branding and specific radio banding that make them unique.

      motorola should release the same phone for all carriers.