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Welcome Signe Brewster, GigaOM’s new science and emerging tech writer

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Allow me to introduce Signe Brewster, who you’ve probably already seen on the site writing about slimy gelatinous sea creatures and demanding that Fortune 500 companies bow to her wishes. Signe joined GigaOM last week (we threw her right into the fire during Structure Week) and she will be writing about science and emerging technologies for us.

The scientific research and discoveries that create the future don’t always get as much love as smartphones or photo-sharing apps. So that’s what Signe is going to do: she’s going to find the researchers who will finally make a low-cost but dependable flexible display, and the engineers who’ll get us to Mars. She’ll examine how comfortable we become with the idea of sensors living inside our bodies and figure out which robot can fetch a beer while doing your taxes and writing thank-you notes to your in-laws.

And, quite frankly, she’ll be writing about things that don’t exist yet. Now that the mobile computing era is in full swing and the cloud a powerhouse, the race is on to find the next big breakthrough in technology. That breakthrough will be made possible by new devices, materials and techniques that emerge over the coming years, and we’re going to find them.

Signe is more than suited for this task. She comes to us from Wired and their Fellow program, where she wrote about emerging science. Last year, she spent six months working in Switzerland for CERN writing about particle physics and the Higgs Boson (that’s her standing next to the Large Hadron Collider). She’s a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where she was editor in chief of The Badger Herald.

Please welcome Signe. You can contact her at signe dot brewster at gigaom dot com, and follow her on Twitter at @signejb.