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First Round Capital wants to be Harvard Business Review for startup founders

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First Round Capital is announcing Friday that it’s going to be taking the insights learned from its portfolio companies and launching a series of blog posts that give tactical advice to startup founders, noting that they want to become the Harvard Business Review for tech companies.

The firm, which has invested in over 600 companies, including Fab, Square, TaskRabbit, Uber and Warby Parker, said it sees a need for advice from young founders for other young founders. The companies have already been dispensing advice on an internal forum on topics from how to fire someone to how to maximize Pinterest for e-commerce companies.  The founders of the portfolio companies log on and post questions and answers for each other.

In an interview, Josh Kopelman, a partner with the firm, explained that they want to formalize the advice and make it more accessible to other founders. But he said they’re not trying to compete with something like Quora or Hacker News, or replace the traditional advice-giving function of the VC.

“You shouldn’t have to sort of be one of the few that’s admitted to the club by venture capitalists in order to benefit from that,” he said.

A full blog post from the firm explains the rationale behind the idea:

“Over the last year, we began to realize that this content, knowledge and insights were different from most other content we were reading online. There is no shortage of media available on startups — every day there are dozens of stories talking about “what” startups are doing — the new funding rounds, new product launches and the latest tech rumors and trends. Yet there are so few stories talking about “how” they are doing it.

So, First Round has an opportunity: to create an entirely new kind of online publication, built for technology entrepreneurs, where they can learn how to build better companies. And they can learn directly from the people actually doing it. Much of this knowledge is still stuck inside the heads of the Valley’s best operators, product managers, engineers, and marketers. Our goal with First Round Review is to curate this knowledge to make great things happen.”

The firm has already started posted a number of articles, including “Why firing brilliant assholes is required to build a great engineering culture,” “Culture isn’t kumbaya stuff,” “Zach Sims of Codecademy on lessons in raising $12.5 million for the first time.” The firm writes that every week, readers can check out ” long-form pieces, some Q&A, some guests posts and lots of formats we haven’t even dreamed up yet.”