Asana announces Chrome extension (at last)

Asana has announced a new Chrome extension to create Asana tasks with the current web URL captured in the task. This is an essential part of my workflow, and it has led me to return to Asana (after several weeks of trying, a mobile-first app with a Chrome extension — more about that later).

I had been using a not-so-great third-party Chrome extension to do the same sort of thing, but the new tool very cleverly allows either the creation of a task with URL or just a quick way to create a random task.

Here’s the task window after clicking the Asana extension. My default workspace in Asana is GigaOM (something I could never get the other extension to realize), but this can be overridden by pulling down on the downward pointing arrow button. If I add text there and then click the “Add to Asana” button, I can create a standard Asana task.

task before




However, if I click the icon with the arrow to the right, the task title and description are automatically filled in, like this:


task with url



This is particularly essential to create tasks from Gmail, for follow-up:


task gmail


My only quibble is that I wish the folks at Asana had provided a greater degree of metadata controls, so I could assign a deadline, select a specific project in the workspace, add tags, and so on. Perhaps they will do so in a subsequent release. But this is already better than what I had been using. (But I’ll miss the fine-grained controls for setting a follow-up date on Gmails. Again, subject for another post).