The GigaOM Show: Will Instagram vids insta-kill Vine? Netflix bits and the cloud!

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There were a lot of moving parts in assembling today’s GigaOM Show, but neither a cell phone connection, nor our massive cloud computing conference, nor crows ca-cawing from the trees above could keep us from today’s podcast! We talk about Instagram’s (s FB) new video product (for more than 15 seconds), the fight between Verizon (s VZN) and Cogent (s CCOI) over Netflix (s NFLX) and a recap of our GigaOM Structure conference.

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Co-hosts: Chris Albrecht and Tom Krazit
Guests: Eliza Kern, Stacey Higginbotham

Instagram lets you now shoot video of those clouds and sushi

How Verizon and Cogent’s fight could affect your Netflix streams

Cloudy with a chance of awesome at our Structure conference

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Although I am not part of the vine club yet, the app is pretty awesome. Some of the videos that I have seen, taken by some crazy creative randos out there have literally made me speechless, or laugh really hard. I am curious to see how Instagram’s video option/integration measures up to Vine, or more importantly, if Instagram completely steals Vine’s growing popularlity.

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