Zeebox adds automatic content recognition for live and recorded TV shows

UK-based social TV startup Zeebox just rolled out an update that adds automatic content recognition (ACR) to its companion app, making it possible for users to have their mobile device listen in on what’s playing on TV and then let users share their TV viewing or deliver relevant information about the shows they’re watching.

Zeebox announced earlier this year that it was partnering with Gracenote to bring ACR to its app, which is available for Android, iOS and Blackberry. The technology uses a device’s microphone to record short snippets of audio and then generate a so-called audio fingerprint, which Gracenote then compares to its constantly updated index of TV programming. Zeebox said Thursday that the app will be able to recognize shows up to seven days after they air on TV, which makes it possible to also recognize content saved on DVRs.

Other additions to the latest Zeebox update include content recommendations based on past viewing as well as tweaks to its chat room feature, which the company calls TV Rooms.