Live blog: Facebook announces video for Instagram


Credit: Eliza Kern

Amid lots of speculation about what the future holds for Instagram under Facebook’s (s fb) ownership, the companies demonstrated what video clips will look like when captured through Instagram.

The event started at 10am PT and our live coverage of the event as it unfolded follows below. A few more details about the app can be found here, and we’ll have much more coverage from the event later today.



Photography is really important at the important moments of your life to store that loveable moments for future your post also take me moments that i can never forget in my life. Thank u so much for sharing this beautiful post..!!


I have an iPhone 5 and I can’t here anything when I play the video, why is that ?


does anyone know why i can’t hear the sound on any of the videos posted from friends on Instagram???

Kimberley Skittles Bullock Bonner

I can’t hear anything either. I’m on my iPad. Am I suppose to do something special?

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