Ford partners with Sirius XM again – this time for internet radio


Credit: GigaOM

Sirius XM satellite radio is supposed to be for your car while Sirius Internet Radio was supposed to be for PC and smartphone consumption, right? Think again. Sirius is combining the two in its Ford’s Sync AppLink connected car platform.

That means it will be possible to get Sirius XM feeds(s SIRI) in a Ford(s f): the live channel feed delivered from the heavens and an on-demand programming and tailored MySXM music streams from a cellular connection passing through your smartphone. It appears customers can opt for either both services, depending on which subscription or subscriptions they buy.


Sequester Grundleplith, MD

I am all for the spread of Sirius XM, which pays a hefty sum in royalties to artists!

Edgar Staples

Sirius is good quality but their customer service is terrible. I bought a new truck and chose not to sign up after the trial period but they kept the service on for a month after it was supposed to be shut off and now they are harrassing me and telling me I owe them money. A free trial period is just that FREE. Once its over turn it off. I never gave them a credit card number or nothing and yet I still get daily phone calls. The car manufactuers need to think about how this company treats their customers before they start making deals. I will think twice before buying another car that Sirius XM is accociated with. I like my purchases to be hassle free and this is anything but.


how is this different from just having an aux cable connecting your phone to your car?

Kevin Fitchard

It’s integrated with Sync AppLink’s dashboard and voice command controls

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