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Not a good sign: Barnes & Noble just keeps slashing Nook tablet prices

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Barnes & Noble is extending price cuts on its Nook tablets, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

B&N (s BKS) reduced prices fairly drastically for Father’s Day, discounting its Nook tablets between $70 and $129. That was a big drop for a week-long promotion. But B&N said Monday that the slashed prices are sticking around for … well, at least for awhile, with no end date given, though it’s apparently still “limited-time pricing.”

So the 7-inch Nook HD tablet now starts at $129, down from $199, and the 9-inch Nook HD+ tablet now starts at $149, down from $269. The devices were both launched less than a year ago.

Nook Media President Jamie Iannone said this is to “help our customers gear up for a great summer reading season … We’re thrilled to keep in place our best prices ever and deliver great value to make reading more affordable.” But it’s not a great sign for the health of the Nook tablet business: If customers were snapping up these tablets, B&N wouldn’t have to slash their prices. To be sure, the 7-inch tablet market is crowded, but Amazon’s most basic 7-inch Kindle Fire is still $159 with ads and $174 without, while Google’s Nexus (s GOOG) 7 starts at $199 (for 16 GB; the Kindle Fire and Nook HD start at 8 GB). The iPad (s AAPL) Mini, meanwhile, starts at $329.

Plus, combine the price cuts with the multiple rumors that Barnes & Noble plans to phase out the Nook tablet line by the end of fiscal year 2014 (which would be a year from now) and it starts to look as if B&N is trying to clear out stock. (The company has already phased out the lower-end Nook Tablet and Nook Color.) We may get more answers from the company’s next earnings report, which comes out June 25.

11 Responses to “Not a good sign: Barnes & Noble just keeps slashing Nook tablet prices”

  1. izabela

    I am thinking of buying Nook Hd ,and i am not sure if i should go with 8gb and add card to extend the memory or go with 16gb. All i need is for basic use maybe rerent a movie here and there. .


  2. I use to love Amazon until I realized how they nickel and dime you to death. Oh and did you know that Amazon advertises on Tueble. Tueble is a file sharing or pirating website. You can download just about any ebook for free. I found Stephen Kings, “Joyland” which wasn’t even released in a ebook format. Crazy! Nook HD is the best of the bunch, with maybe the Nexus 7 being a bit better speed and camera. I loaded an N2A card on my Nook HD and now I have a full jelly bean experience plus all the new Nook extras. Its like having a nook HD and a Nexus 7 in one device. Just can’t beat! Anyone looking for a tablet should snatch up this deal now.

  3. steve sexauer

    I won’t buy from BN anymore although I used to love them. I bought several books per month, sometimes several per week. They cut off users outside the country, so I can no longer download books I already bought until I get back. Pretty evil. I contacted them to complain but their position was tough luck pal and stopped discussing it.

    If you want to take a vacation out of the country and read books, think again! So its amazon for me.

    • As long as your device is registered with a credit card that is based in the United States you can download ebooks from an international wifi location. Have talked to many people who have done so as well, not sure why you couldn’t download…..

    • steve sexauer

      After more investigation my PC version works (except one book?) but the android version will not install saying its because of the country I am in. Also BN does not support linux which is disappointing since the devices they sell have linux on them which as far as I know they got for free .

      So I strongly take back my “evil” comment and change it to “lame”. And thanks to the commenters who pointed out theirs worked. But which platforms?

  4. Baludes

    Im surprised with this article at how dumb it sounds. Amazon has been doing this for years. Discounting or selling products at a loss for market share, but someone else does it especially a brick and mortar company its bad news. The nook is now a full fledge tablet not stuck on only its ecosystem but now is opened to googles and even amazon kindle app, which you can get through the google store. If your looking for a closed tablet then stick with amazon.

  5. They have also apparently discontinued support for the Nook App for the Mac. While this might be something that Microsoft has imposed on them, it sure didn’t make me feel very welcome, and adds to my growing reluctance to recommend the Nook to anyone. If the hardware is going to be discontinued, and just the bookstore is left, then they should be expanding how readers can continue to access that bookstore, not narrow it.

  6. Jeffrey Schultz

    Discontinued or not, it is a great savings and great deal with the addition of the Google Play store! I was happy to pick up a 32 gb Nook HD+ and was thrilled with the sale.