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GigaOM Chrome Show 9: iTunes access, longer battery life and a possible ChromeKey

Did you tune into the two special Google(s goog) Chrome events? So did we, but it was all about browser technology; no new Chrome features or hardware. That’s OK though because at Apple’s WWDC event we got a hint of what Intel’s Haswell chips could bring to a next-generation Chromebook: Lots more battery life!

We’ve got not one, but two great extensions to share on this week’s show and also discuss a potential new product that would allow for Chrome mirroring to HDTV sets without using any wires. And we expect more Chromebook choices in the near future now that AMD is getting in on the growing Chrome market.

Show notes

Hosts: Chris Albrecht and Kevin C. Tofel

  • So about those Mobile Chrome events…
  • Chrome will be able to access iTunes(s aapl) files, which could bring some interesting new apps and extensions
  • Apple’s new MacBook Air gives hope for better Chromebooks with much improved battery life
  • Extension of the week: X New Tab
  • Could Google we working on a low-cost “ChromeKey”?
  • BONUS extension of the week: Service Pages
  • Welcome AMD(s amd) to the Chrome party!

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