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From tweet to purchase: Chirpify ditches PayPal and adds its own payment processing

There’s no question that Facebook and Twitter are great places to market or advertise your product. But great places for buying and selling? Chirpify, the company doing in-stream social payments, would like you to think so. The company is announcing Tuesday that it will no longer be going through PayPal to process payments in favor of its own system, which will reduce fees passed along to sellers on the service.

The switch comes as the company is looking expand, both in terms of the social media platforms it supports and brands it works with. Starting Tuesday, customers will be able to accept credit and debit cards from both domestic and international customers, as well as send and accept automated clearing house (ACH) payments through Chirpify’s system. Previously, these transactions were processed through PayPal, and sellers would pay both a PayPal and Chirpify fee, which will now be reduced to just the Chirpify fee.

Several companies have tried to figure out the problem of social purchasing, but not everyone has suceeded. Chirpify is probably the best-known company that allows you to buy something by sending a single tweet or posting a Facebook comment: Talk about an impulse purchase. Big brands using Chirpify to sell directly to consumers via social media include Adidas, the Portland Trailblazers, Green Day, and Snoop Dogg (who is apparently a huge draw).

Once consumers create a Chirpify account with all of their payment information (including credit cards or PayPal accounts), they can make purchases on social media by posting a Facebook comment or sending a tweet:

Instagram Chirpify payments in-stream PayPal

There’s a major revolution going on in mobile and social payments right now, from Stripe optimizing payments for paying people through services like Airbnb or Lyft, to Square re-imagining the cash register for small businesses. At the moment, it looks like Chirpify is making strides when it comes to payments through social.

This post was updated to note that consumers can still connect their PayPal accounts to their Chirpify accounts to make payments.

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  1. heathwblack1

    I guess, for sake of irony and my illegitimate posting of multiple comments, I’ll add a third point.

    3. Allow users to delete comments.


  2. heathwblack1


    Thanks for the writeup. We really appreciate it.

    Just a couple of notes:
    1. We didn’t “ditch” Paypal. Chirpify members are still able to buy and pay via Paypal. This launch is centered specifically around our integration of debit/credit cards and bank accounts (ACH) as payment methods for Chirpify’s in-stream commerce. The perk to choosing ACH or debit/credit cards is that buyers and sellers will incur less fees as Paypal doesn’t tack on their percentage on top.

    2. Despite the article having a photo of in-stream commerce on Instagram, there was no mention of that as one of our supported channels in the article itself. Instagram has proven to be one of our more interesting integrations so far, too.

    Thanks again for the write-up. Glad to see it make it’s way to Techmeme.

  3. heathwblack1

    The title is a bit misleading as we actually didn’t ditch Paypal. Chirpify members are still able to pay with Paypal. Our specific launch centers around the ability to pay in-stream with debit/credit cards, and direct from bank accounts (ACH). These payment methods will incur lower fees as Paypal fees won’t be tacked on top.

    Secondly, I’d like to note that we allows sellers and buyers to transact in-stream on Instagram as well. I see the Instagram photo above, but no mention of the platform in the article.

    Nonetheless, thanks for the write-up, Eliza. We really appreciate it!