Comcast CEO promises more binge-viewing, faster platforms


Credit: Comcast

The cable industry is adapting just fine to the changing habits of TV viewers and to the arrival of ultra-fast competitors like Google Fiber, according to Comcast(s cmcsk) CEO Brian Roberts.

Speaking on Tuesday at the Cable Show in Washington, Roberts shared his thoughts on the future of the TV industry and showed off new Comcast kit intended to provide a faster, more-connected experience. The technology included cloud service X2, which allows subscribers to customize their experience to a greater degree than previous services, showing recently watched shows, favorite apps and other types of personalized content. Roberts also showed off a 3-gigabit/sec connection capable of gulping down a movie near-instantly (see our take here).

Addressing the current cable viewing experience, Roberts acknowledged that cross-screen consumption through Comcast’s TV Everywhere is far from integrated.

“Guilty as charged that we haven’t made it as easy as it needs to be. We need to make a tablet so it automatically knows it’s you and you don’t need to authenticate,” he said, adding that Facebook(s fb) would be another sign-in option.

Roberts also acknowledged people’s propensity for “binge-viewing,” which has taken off in response to offerings by Netflix and other non-traditional TV providers. In response, he said Comcast would be repeating its “Watchathon” experiment — where customers can binge on hundreds of episodes of popular shows like The Walking Dead — at least every 90 days.

The Roberts talk was part of an industry event so needless to say, there were no questions about cord-cutting, disruptors like Aereo or breaking up the cable bundle.



The most interesting fact about all these Jazz, is that it has not changed the fact that COMCAST is still the second (2nd) most hated company in USA behind AE. It is not necessarily because of its product, but because of the stupid call center in Philipines and fraudulent billings.


what is the source for the most hated companies ranking?


WillNY, in the American Customer Satisfaction Index annual report released in May, Comcast received the lowest score among ISP’s, with a satisfaction ranking of just 62%. While not specifically called “most hated” in the report, do the semantics really matter here? Comcast is the worst in its industry. That’s pitiful.

The ACSI 2013 report is available here:


The most interesting about all these Jazz, is that COMCAST is still the second (2nd) most hated company in USA. It is not necessarily because of product, but because of the stupid call center in Philipines and fraudulent billings.

Colin C Crawford

I had to deal with their call center yesterday to install a new modem – the individual was pleasant – just useless – in the end I gave up and used the Comcast self-activation service which worked really smoothly – I’d have dome that initially but there were several reports on the internet that you have to be really careful or Comcast thinks it their rather than a purchased modem and bills you. You have to make sure Comcast classifies it properly – esp the ubee modems which they use for the standard install. If their system sees a ubee DOCSIS 3 modem – they assume they have installed. It’s a good modem and my connection and speed is much improved after getting rid of the Scientific Atlanta DOCIS 2 which kept dropping the connection

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