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Soon you’ll be able to read iBooks on your Mac

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Starting this fall, Apple’s iBooks are no longer limited to reading on iPhones and iPads. The iBookstore is getting its own dedicated Mac app with the launch of the new OSX Mavericks operating system, Apple (s AAPL) announced at its WWDC conference in San Francisco Monday.

Users will be able to purchase and read books directly from the Mac app. (There are now 1.8 million titles in the iBookstore, Apple said, up from 1.5 million in October 2012.) The app could be particularly useful for students, who could have a textbook open on their computer while they take notes.

Amazon (s AMZN) has Kindle reading apps for PC and Mac, though you can’t purchase ebooks through the apps. Nook (s BKS) has a Windows (s MSFT) 8 app that allows purchasing and reading, but doesn’t have a Mac app.

5 Responses to “Soon you’ll be able to read iBooks on your Mac”

  1. Michael W. Perry

    This is great news, particularly for me as an author. But Apple needs to tell us what versions of OS X iBooks will run on. If it’s only for Mavericks, that’s not good news for school kids, who often have older Macs that can’t run the latest OS X.