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Sony’s PS4 gets Redbox Instant, Flixster and exclusive Sony content – but no big TV play

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Sony (s SNE) unveiled key details of its upcoming PS4 game console Monday night in Los Angeles, and showed off a decidedly different take on TV and media consumption than Microsoft (s msft) did with its Xbox One. In short, PS4 media content will be pretty much the same as PS3 media content, and the company will leave it to Microsoft to try to reinvent television.

The new PS4, which will go on sale for $400 this holiday season, will offer all major media services already available on the PS3, including Netflix (s NFLX) as well as Sony’s Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services.

The device will also get additional content through new apps from Redbox Instant and Flixster — but those apps will be available on the PS3 and the PS Vita as well. And finally, the device is going to feature exclusive Sony Studios video content — but the company curiously didn’t reveal what this content will be like. And that exclusive content will presumably be available to PS3 owners as well.

Sony made the announcements during its E3 press conference, which naturally was focused on gaming and not movie or TV consumption. Microsoft’s own E3 press conference didn’t make much mention of the Xbox One’s media capabilities either — but the company more than made up for that during a press event a few weeks ago, where it painted the One as a new kind of entertainment device that merges TV viewing and gaming.

And the Xbox One does have a lot more media functionality built-in, including the capability to access live video via HDMI pass-through, a TV guide and a whole separate operating system for entertainment apps. However, the device is also a bit more expensive than the PS4: Microsoft said this morning that the Xbox One will cost $500 when it goes on sale in November.

It looks like Sony may have decided that all that TV functionality wasn’t worth the extra money.

6 Responses to “Sony’s PS4 gets Redbox Instant, Flixster and exclusive Sony content – but no big TV play”

  1. yup_thats_me

    the general xbox population seems to think they are getting the kenect as a bonus or something… the camera is ((MANDATORY)) no you can not disconnect it and use your system.. it has to be connected at all times.. sony’s camera is just an accessory which still comes in cheaper to purchase.

    so please stop making it seem as if you are getting an amazing deal with the xbox1. no one should be forced to biuy something they don;t want.

  2. Surely the PS4 will still have PlayTV and I can plug my cable box into that non? So what exactly is the xbox offering that is different from that?! Oh wait I can say ‘xbox go to ESPN’ when I can do that with a hit of the button! Also, they never mentioned HOW its going to work – will these channel names be pre-recorded? If so, what if I have an accent? If it is pre-recorded, what about new channels? Will I need to ‘register’ my own voice and channel names!? This is the kind of shit people should be asking, and yet no one has even bothered to get details off these fools! Shame on you so-called gaming journalists out there!

  3. Jeff Puder

    The extra $100 for the Xbox has nothing to do with the TV functionality. It’s because you get a nex-gen Kinect with it. If you have kids you know that there are virtually no kids games that don’t require the Kinect now.