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ICYMI podcasts: Stolen smartphones, data plans for gadgets and Chromebook buying

This week on the GigaOM Chrome Show, we ponder why Google(s goog) is adding NFC support to Chrome and discuss the common question of “Is now a good time to buy a Chromebook?” Our answer may surprise, given that we generally recommend buying what you need when you need it. Plus, this week’s extension recommendation beats out Google Voice in two very specific ways. Oh, and have you tried the new Chrome voice search on iOS(s aapl) yet? You should!

While data plan prices are a little more palatable with mobile sharing plans, connected devices in the home might not come along for the ride. On the GigaOM Internet of Things show, Stacey Higginbotham chats with Ayla Networks co-founder and CEO David Friedman on the data price inclusion of connectivity. Don’t count out increased costs for manufacturers to update firmware on devices, even if you don’t get any specific data from them.

And on our GigaOM Weekly WrapUp podcast we roundup news such as the recent spotlight on smartphone thefts and a possible turning of the tide for patent trolling; a strategic approach that’s getting long in the tooth. But there’s good news to discuss too: Enterprises are spending billions as new technologies become available.

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