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The GigaOM Show: Phone theft, patent trolls and the sexy, sexy enterprise

This week’s show runs the gamut of human emotions: from depression over the rise in smartphone thefts to the hopefulness that maybe the tide is turning on patent trolls to the wonder and excitement of the billions being spent in the enterprise segment. And we even throw in some befuddlement over what Apple will announce next week and cheers for the Boston Bruins.

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Hosts: Chris Albrecht, Tom Krazit
Guests: Erica Ogg, Jeff John Roberts, Barb Darrow

Cities want smartphone companies to solve crime problems. Plus, what to expect when you’re expecting WWDC.

Obama v. patent trolls, what to expect when you’re expecting a lawsuit.

Deals deals deals! What to expect when your enterprise-ing.

2 Responses to “The GigaOM Show: Phone theft, patent trolls and the sexy, sexy enterprise”

  1. Mike W

    About stolen phones.. While in San Jose I heard a government official demanding that the tech industry put in `phone kill` technology… Interesting that the government doesn’t really care about why phone theft is occurring in the first place? Why not address the cause not the symptom? Why not catch and punish the thieves, so they won’t steal `anything` again ?
    Amazing how government officials, who are responsible to reduce crime abdicate responsibility and no one seems to notice?

  2. anonphonedealer

    about stolen phones. i own a small shop that deals in used phones, tablets and laptops.

    i am suddenly gets tons of customers explicitly asking for reported stolen phones. the reason they are asking is that they are expecting a dramatically reduced price. most want to buy the phones for export and see an opportunity in heavily discounted phones that are useless in the US.

    as for kill switches why phones and not laptops? laptops are also often stolen, and i would rather see this mechanism on something without an ongoing billing arrangement.